Lively Provides Music Fans with Recordings of Live Concerts

When attending a live concert, it is not unusual to witness a sea of smartphones, but some find it challenging to enjoy the show while attempting to record it at the same time. And audio quality recorded via the phone is usually disappointing. Tech entrepreneur Dean Graziano may have the solution with a new app called Lively, which allows musicians to sell fans better quality footage from live concerts for a reasonable price: $4.99 for just the audio, or $9.99 for audio and video.

“The fans want to capture this experience, and right now all they have is phones,” explains Graziano. “That makes for pretty horrible quality, it can be pretty annoying to the band and to other people around you, and it’s actually pirating.”

Lively is fairly simple to use, and musicians who use the app only need a Mac laptop or iPad, an iOS interface, and Lively’s audio manager software that is free to download.

“They plug the Mac or iPad into the interface device, which is then plugged directly into the concert venue’s sound system. The audio manager software lets the artists do such things as add song names by uploading set lists or exclude songs they don’t want made public because of copyright or quality issues,” explains Businessweek.

Some 4,000 people are currently using Lively, and the company has also signed 20 artists and bands, mostly of the indie genre.

“Apple and Android get a 30 percent cut to cover the in-app purchase fee, and Lively gets 21 percent. The musicians keep 49 percent, but must further share their profits, depending on copyright and contract provisions,” explains the article.

Other companies such as Evntlive and Concert Window provide streaming of live concerts to music fans in their own homes. Currently, Lively downloads are only available in MP3 format to avoid illegal sharing, but this may change in the future.

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