LinkedIn Targets Mobile Users with Collection of New Apps

In an effort to change the way its users engage online — and for how long — LinkedIn is beefing up its site to include a handful of new apps that will help facilitate easier, more advanced communication among users. During a press event last week, LinkedIn announced five new apps, including one that processes users’ email and attaches mini LinkedIn profiles to the message. These new features are a sign that the social media site is upping the ante on interactive capabilities.

LinkedIn Intro is the new app that inserts profiles into emails, which works in sync with the iPhone’s mail app, according to Wired. They’re also working on a new job-hunting app that will encourage users to log on more from home in the evenings — something the company hopes to see more of.

Currently, most of the site’s users are only logging on during the workday, and LinkedIn VP Joff Redfern said at the press event that they want to attract users’ attention 16 hours a day rather than the typical eight. Redfern pointed to statistics that show just how much time smartphone and tablet owners spend on their devices at night and that the best way to reach them is by going mobile with more apps.

The move by LinkedIn has Wired saying the company is “done being modest” and that it’s now showing people “just how ambitious it has become.” That seems to be true, as execs boldly claimed LinkedIn is not just social media, but a “global economic graph.”

Other recent apps released by the site include a news-sharing app, a contacts app, and an app for recruiters, proving Wired’s assertion that LinkedIn is “no longer a humble site for posting CVs.” More and more, they’re working to position themselves among innovative social media developers.

“Whether that strategy is hubris or the inevitable self-actualization of valuable workplace tool,” Wired says, “remains to be seen.”