Improbable Worlds Raises $20 Million for Simulation Platform

Improbable Worlds has created a distributed computing platform that allows developers to build large-scale, 3D, real-time models, and now the London-based startup has $20 million to bring this tech to gaming, urban planning, biology, and numerous other industries. The modeling system is unique because it draws upon the computing power of its users and redistributes the computing, while enabling collaboration. Prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is the investor.

The startup’s computing platform is what makes the large scale modeling possible. Graphics rendering, network matching, and other processes needed to make these virtual worlds are distributed across the users’ aggregated computing power.

news_02_small“No one node gets overloaded and users can collaborate with others in real time at scale,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

The system enables developers to build complex simulations that fit almost any industry, from entertainment to defense to medicine. “When software tools are at their best is when they unlock creativity and the potential for things to be built that have never been built before,” Andreessen Horowitz Partner Chris Dixon said.

Improbable Worlds hopes to add more people to its team with the new investment. Currently, the startup has a staff of 49. The team will work on creating a stock library of digital assets with objects that have already been modeled in the platform. A stock library of cells would save developers time if they were building a simulation for disease outbreaks or traffic patterns, for example.

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