HUSSLUP Aims to Become Entertainment Industry’s LinkedIn

Hollywood talent discovery platform HUSSLUP debuted its desktop app this week, staking its claim as the LinkedIn of the entertainment community. With backing from Comcast NBCUniversal’s LIFT Labs accelerator and various venture funds, the job search and networking hub aims to help young professionals who want to break into the world of production for film, television and games. The company launched as a mobile app in December, when it announced a $2.5 million seed round and 4,000 job-seeking members. HUSSLUP has separate logins for creative professionals and entertainment companies, offering functionality catering to each.

Still in an invite-only beta mode, HUSSLUP allows above and below the line talent to write posts, share invites and generally schmooze, in addition to searching for gigs. The desktop app’s debut coincides with the launch of two new features: ProSearch and Serendipity Mode.

“Following a deep dive on our user interface and a lot of feedback from our members, we have redesigned the web-based app to make it even easier to use,” HUSSLUP founder and CEO H Schuster said, noting that ProSearch allows talent and crew to be searched by criteria including credits, genre and project types, scheduling availability, locations where members can work, professional affiliations, representation and other categories.

“ProSearch is designed to help networking aficionados efficiently dig through talent pools via specific criteria” with searches that “can be shared after the fact with other HUSSLUP members for easier trawling,” writes The Wrap, noting ProSearch can also “track diversity to ensure an inclusive pipeline.”

Serendipity Mode offers what HUSSLUP is positioning as a new approach to jobsite searching, allowing users to “swipe through company and member cards to make new connections and build networks,” per The Wrap, which says the twist is “cards will randomly surface, enabling users to meet members and companies they otherwise may not naturally cross paths with online.”

TechCrunch mentions how “other community tools include the ability to create a group, share encrypted creative samples, chat via in-app messenger and create annotated contact lists for each project, movie or show.”

Citing HUSSLUP’s tagline, “Transforming Hollywood from clique to click,” TechCrunch points out that “unlike the majority of professions, there’s no rule book for how to get a career in entertainment.”

Parsing HUSSLUP’s talent database are more than 50 production partners. In addition to NBCUniversal and its Telemundo Enterprises, they include the Russo Brothers’ AGBO Films, Blumhouse, Tyra Banks’ Bankable Productions and Don Cheadle’s This Radicle Act, as well as Keshet International and distribution partners like Fuse Media.

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