Google’s Bot-in-a-Box Brings Conversational AI to Enterprises

Google Cloud recently unveiled a new AI-powered service product named Bot-in-a-Box. The feature, available via Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Business Messages, will help enterprises easily manage conversations with their customers. Bot-in-a-Box creates chatbots that can naturally respond to customers’ questions by using Google’s Dialogflow software. The conversational bot does not require any additional coding but will learn directly from businesses’ customer service data. The new product is expected to cut the customer service budget for businesses and improve the service level of chat function on GCP Business Messages.

“GCP Business Messages is a conversational messaging service designed to enable organizations to connect with people to answer questions that come through Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, or their own business channels,” reports VentureBeat. “Using machine learning to understand a customer’s request, Bot-in-a-Box features Custom Intents, which finds the information a customer needs without human intervention.”

Google’s Dialogflow CX is an online agent for businesses to auto-generate online answers to customers’ inquiries. Dialogflow can learn the minor details of human reactions and convert conversations, both in the form of text and audio recordings, into data that can be processed by computers.

According to The Verge: “Bot-in-a-Box represents the initial first-party integration between Dialogflow ES and Google’s Business Messages, Google Group product manager Jay Akkad said. The integration is designed to cut the time and resources required to create an automated experience for Business Messages.”

Organizations would no longer need to hire people to respond to customers in real-time by inserting the virtual agent into the online customer chat service. Businesses can also answer their customers’ questions at any time, no matter the time zone difference. Further, powered by AI, the bot will learn from experiences and generate tailored answers in various situations.

Walmart, Tango Technology, Levi’s, and Albertsons are among the companies involved in the beta testing of Bot-in-a-Box, which began in February.

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