Google Looks to Personalize Music with New Release Radio

Google just announced that New Release Radio is now opened up to all users. The new feature uses machine learning to analyze the user’s taste in music and then suggests new music based on those tastes. The feature will introduce both albums and singles that have debuted in the last two weeks; Google promotes it as “a really quick way to check out all-new music that’s tailored just for you.” Samsung Galaxy S8 users have had early access to New Release Radio since June, as a result of Google’s global partnership with the electronics giant.

Digital Trends reports that, as Google notes, the company is “certainly no stranger to personalized music suggestions.” The new feature allows the user to have Google Play Music send suggestions “based on where you are or why you’re listening.” For example, the user will get a different playlist for a party than a hike.


But, says Digital Trends, “this is the first time that Google has taken personalization and applied it to the discovery of new music,” and calls it “a strategic move for Google, who has seen its competitors double down on the discovery aspect of music.” Spotify, which now has 50 million paid subscribers, has its Discovery Weekly playlist, which “has been a huge part of its success.” Another company that offers a focus on new releases is Apple Music, with its “My New Music Mix.”

New Release Radio is free to listeners, who do not have to be subscribers to Google Music to listen. The feature can be found via Google Play Music or a search, and “the station will be updated with the latest music releases on a regular basis.”