GOG Galaxy: New DRM-Free Online Gaming Service Goes Live

After a yearlong wait, game publisher Good Old Games (GOG) has finally launched online gaming platform GOG Galaxy, that much like Steam, updates games automatically. However, with GOG Galaxy the games can be downloaded without DRM restrictions for offline gameplay as well. Galaxy’s online social features and automatic updates are said to be optional and can be turned on and off as desired. A beta version of GOG Galaxy is now available for Mac and Windows users.

Galaxy’s social features include things like a friends list, in-game chat, and achievements, and select games will even support cross-platform multiplayer, so that you can play with your friends whether they bought the game from GOG or Steam,” The Verge reports.


GOG has every intention to make these features optional, hoping it can deliver a service with features that people actually want to use. “Making it optional is the best motivation for us to make it better,” explains Piotr Karwowski, GOG’s VP of online technologies. 

Perhaps Galaxy’s most distinguished feature is that users can download DRM-free versions of any game to play and store offline. With over 1,000 games in its catalog, GOG has plans to make more of these games available on the Galaxy platform. While currently in beta, Galaxy will be able to support the much anticipated blockbuster, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” which arrives May 18th.

“We’re getting ready to release and fully support even more AAA titles in the future,” said Karwowski.

According to the platform’s site, “GOG Galaxy will make it possible for us to support new games that require online features, but it’s equally important to offer an even better experience to our existing users, and to support our community in seamlessly transitioning between our website, into games, and in between. We’re introducing quality of life features and the means to stay connected whether you’re in your browser, in the client, or in-game.”