‘Ghostbusters’ VR Experience Coming to Times Square in July

The VOID (Vision of Infinite Dimensions), a virtual reality theme park in Utah, is launching a new VR experience in NYC’s Times Square in partnership with Sony Pictures, for the studio’s new “Ghostbusters” film. Opening up small-scale versions of its Utah park is part of the company’s business plan, along with creating its own content and immersive versions of films and video games. In Utah’s park, attendees wear a haptic suit that tracks their movements and a VR headset, powered by a supercomputer backpack that allows untethered walking.

The Verge notes that the theme park adds moving podiums, fog machines, and heat lamps for even more realism, which the company dubs “hyper-reality.” The NYC venue, the first outside The VOID’s home base, will be at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. At the NYC venue, the “Ghostbusters: Dimension” hyper-reality experience will open on July 1, two weeks before the movie’s July 15 release.


Attendees will “move through a virtual exploration of the props, costumes, locations, and vehicles from the film,” including exploring the Ghostbusters Headquarters and partaking in a ghost hunt to save NYC from a paranormal villain, aided by “figures of the ‘Ghostbusters’ crew from the new movie.”

The Verge reports that, “The VOID is said to be developing it in collaboration with Ivan Reitman, who directed the original film, and Paul Feig, who’s behind the remake.”

The VOID is the brainchild of startup founder Ken Bretschneider, who sold a majority ownership of DigiCert, his cybersecurity firm, to a private equity firm. In the past, he has created VR experiences that “go beyond the typical headset,” by partnering with “entrepreneurs specializing in things like magic and stagecraft.”

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