ETC, Google and Equinix Present Next-Gen Cloud Workflows

The Entertainment Technology Center at USC (ETC), Equinix and Google are coming together to raise awareness of new cloud-based workflow technologies for creative companies. On September 19th at Google’s Venice, CA headquarters, the companies will host an event for industry professionals to learn how cloud-based workflows are changing media and entertainment. The event will feature presentations and an engaging panel discussion to illustrate how facilities large and small can leverage the cloud to decrease workflow latency while increasing security and productivity.

Presentations will also highlight practical ways for facilities to ingest directly into the cloud, transcode via cloud computing, and centralize assets with private cloud storage with the Cinema Content Creation Cloud, or C4, framework. Benefits of this approach, and of leveraging off-site data centers, can also help reduce an organization’s physical footprint and energy consumption.


The discussion will draw on best practices gleaned from “The Suitcase,” a short film that served as a fascinating test bed for advanced cloud-based workflow deployment.

The event is open to facility owners, CTOs, IT managers and heads of pipeline from visual effects, motion graphics design, production and post-production studios and is by invitation only.

Space is extremely limited, however individuals interested in attending the event or who would like to receive additional information, can send an email to