E3 2014: $99 Game-Streamer PlayStation TV Coming to U.S.

During its E3 press conference yesterday in Los Angeles, Sony announced that the PlayStation TV device is coming to North America this fall for $99 as a standalone, or for $139 bundled with a DualShock Controller, an 8GB memory card for storing downloaded games, and a copy of “The Lego Movie” video game. Users can pair the set-top box with their PlayStation 4 console for remote play on a second television. Video and music streaming services will be accessible, as will games via PlayStation Now.

PlayStation_TVPlayStation TV will be compatible with many of the games presently available on the portable PlayStation Vita, via download from the PlayStation store.

“PlayStation TV owners will also be able to log in to PlayStation Now, Sony’s upcoming Netflix-like service that lets people ‘stream’ games from the cloud,” reports TechCrunch. “The service will have approximately 100 PlayStation 3 titles available as well as more than 20 free games made specifically for PlayStation Now.”

“Gamers with a PlayStation 4 in their home will also have the ability to stream games from the console to multiple TVs in the house through the PlayStation TV,” notes the article.

The device allows gamers to connect to their home network to access online streaming services. According to CNET, “the set-top box will be pitted against other popular in-home hardware devices, including the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. The core focus of the PlayStation TV will be gaming, but it’s also expected to allow users to stream video entertainment content from services like Hulu and others.”

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