E3 2014: Microsoft Places Emphasis on Games at Xbox Event

At yesterday’s Xbox briefing, Microsoft took a different approach by focusing its entire E3 presentation on games. Traditionally, the event has included other media functionality of Xbox hardware, but this year Phil Spencer, the new head of Xbox, noted that changes to strategy were necessary for the Xbox One — changes initiated by user response to the (formerly) always-online, DRM-heavy console. The event included major titles, trailers of previously announced games and a slate of indie titles.

Microsoft_Xbox One_Box“For some of the Xbox faithful, the most exciting announcement was four games they’ve already played — “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” will bring together the first four ‘Halo’ games, plus a beta of ‘Halo 5,’ this holiday season,” reports Wired. “Microsoft got huge applause when it said that over 100 different multiplayer levels — everything, it says, from the Halos one through four — would be included with the game.”

“The other big announcements were ‘Scalebound,’ a new action game from Platinum Games (‘Bayonetta’), and the return of the Xbox 360 hit ‘Crackdown’ — by a new team led by the game’s original creator David Jones.”

Among the additional highlights:

  • “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” from Activision
  • “Evolve” from 2K
  • “Assassin’s Creed Unity” from Ubisoft
  • “Dragon Age: Inquisition” from Electronic Arts
  • Driving game “Forza Horizon 2”
  • Third-person action game “Sunset Overdrive”
  • “Dance Central Spotlight” by Harmonix
  • Role-playing game “Fable Legends”
  • Lara Croft returning next year in “Rise of the Tomb Raider”

“Microsoft closed the conference by again tacitly acknowledging that it had made some missteps, but telling fans again that it was committed to games, and to creating the Xbox One that players want,” Wired explains.

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