Cube: Google Creative Labs Unveils New Storytelling Platform

Google Creative Labs has built an in-browser manipulatable 3D box with different video and audio tracks on each of its six faces. The user decides what to watch and hear by clicking and dragging the Cube to show either one side or a combination of sides. The Cube, which debuted online this week with The Presets’ new single “No Fun,” is a multi-pronged promo. Google considers it a platform that could eventually extend beyond music videos to other areas of art and media. 

The Cube was created at the Google Creative Lab in Sydney and was demoed last month at the local Semi Permanent creative conference. Google has also supplied tools to control how the music fits together.


“The Cube only runs in Google Chrome and Android, it links to buy the song on Google Play where it’s exclusively available for the next 48 hours, and it’s sure to help Google recruit designers by showing it can do art, not just algorithms,” explains TechCrunchindicating the promotional aspect of the Cube.

Google has shown interest in interactive music videos in the past, with The Chrome Experiments creating two with Arcade Fire. While “The Wilderness Downtown” asks for your address in order to customize the video with Google Maps shots of your home town, “Just A Reflektor” allows users to control the action through phone and webcam movement.

The Cube has the potential to go far beyond just music videos, with the possibility of “a short film told from six different perspectives simultaneously, or using the Cube for interactive data visualizations,” mentions TechCrunch.

For more information, the Google Australia Blog has posted a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video.