BitTorrent Targets Music Scene with P2P Publishing Platform

BitTorrent is teaming with DIY service provider Topspin Media, Web video production company The Collective, emerging music magazine The FADER, and digital distribution specialist Cinedigm to launch its publishing platform, BitTorrent Bundles. The company is hoping that its P2P-based direct publishing platform will appeal to musical artists and other creatives and has convinced performers including Madonna to distribute free content through its software.

“BitTorrent has for some time tried to make the point that its software can actually benefit artists, as opposed to just being used for copyright infringement,” explains GigaOM. “To that effect, the company has been teaming up with artists like DJ Shadow, Madonna and others to distribute free content through its P2P software that users can unlock after signing up with their email address, downloading additional software or through other tasks.”

According to a post on the BitTorrent blog this week, the BitTorrent Bundle for publishers is now live (in closed alpha). Partners for the closed alpha include Cinedigm, Topspin, The FADER, The Collective, Gravitas Ventures, Interloper Films, Converge Studios, and angel investor and author Tim Ferriss.

“For the past five months, we’ve been working with a small group of makers, labels, and studios to build BitTorrent Bundle: a publishing platform designed to address the issues of distribution, reach, and virality that every independent creator is up against,” explains the blog. “Since May, BitTorrent Bundle collaborations have been downloaded by 18 million fans. We’ve helped move over a million users to artist properties, collecting over 600 thousand email leads along the way.”

When publishers are approved for the closed alpha, they will serve as test drivers with the ability to trade free content against email addresses. BitTorrent may introduce additional ways to unlock content in the future, including payments. The company may also charge fees if they begin generating revenue for artists.

“BitTorrent bundles are definitely an interesting step for the company, but it remains to be seen whether they are going to offer publishers — especially the ones with less name recognition — any more benefits than a purely Web-based campaign,” comments Janko Roettgers for GigaOM.

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