Audio Remix Function Expanded to Video for YouTube Shorts

YouTube is beginning a phased rollout for a new YouTube Shorts feature that, much like TikTok Stitches, allows users to remix videos using content created by others. The new feature will automatically opt-in videos across the platform, with IP owners able to opt-out if they don’t want their content used in remixes, the company says, explaining that it will function as a discovery feature. “Any time a Short is created from your own channel’s content, it will be attributed back to your original video with a link in the Shorts player,” notes YouTube.

Creators can use a 1-5 second segment from any eligible YouTube video or Short in the creation of new original Shorts content,” YouTube parent Google wrote in a statement. The new ‘Cut’ feature will work almost identically to TikTok’s Stitches, letting you grab a snippet from someone else’s video and use it on your own,” says Android Police.

While long-form YouTube videos will be opted into the program by default, creators will be able to use content from Shorts remixes if they choose to, in YouTube Studio. Music videos containing copyrighted content are an exception, however, and are ineligible. By contrast, content on YouTube Shorts cannot simply opt-out of remixing, Google says.

The only restriction option for YouTube Shorts creators would be to “delete their own original Short, which would remove their audio from the other Shorts that used it. It would also delete all the other Shorts that had sampled their video content,” explains TechCrunch.

By comparison, TikTok creators have default permission available through their main app settings, and can also prevent others from content sampling on a one-off basis using the individual video’s privacy settings.

With the new feature, YouTube “intends for its Shorts ecosystem to grow to become a large public platform, like YouTube itself. But it’s also an aggressive stance to automatically opt in everyone who’s ever uploaded to YouTube, making their content potential fodder for Shorts videos,” TechCrunch writes.

Last year, YouTube introduced the ability for Shorts creators to sample audio from videos. This new Shorts video remix feature will be introduced for iOS devices “over the coming weeks” and to Android “later this year.”

The Shorts experience and player is now fully available on web (desktop and mobile browsers) and tablets. Over the next few weeks, desktop, tablet, and mobile web viewers will find a Shorts shelf on Home and the Shorts tab on these devices.” When viewers navigate to the Shorts watch experience they can swipe vertically from one video to the next to discover more content. All views coming from these new surfaces count toward eligibility for the Shorts Fund.