Artist Offers New Views of Iconic Movie Sets with 3D Models

Four iconic movie sets recently received a 3D makeover by Dutch artist Siebe de Boer. The artist created fully three-dimensional computer models of the Greenwich Village courtyard from “Rear Window,” the modernist living room of “Gattaca,” the Shangri-La towers of “Brazil,” and the War Room from “Dr. Strangelove.” While the original sets used optical illusions to appear three-dimensional, de Boer’s versions use detailed artistry to allow viewers to look at the sets from any angle.

Writing for Fast Company, John Brownlee describes de Boer’s work as “impressive” and “incredibly well done.”

“Many of the most iconic movie sets have been, at least in part, depthless, thanks to the widescale use of matte paintings and forced perspective to make a few cardboard and styrofoam props on a studio set look like living worlds on the silver screen,” explains the article. “That’s what makes the work of Dutch artist Siebe de Boer so fascinating.”

Brownlee’s favorite of the four sets is de Boer’s version of the Greenwich Village courtyard from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” Brownlee notes the 3D set “takes on the same air of a ramshackle secret world, buried by the architectural concretions of the city that surrounds it.”

“When you consider the fact that all four of these sets would never have been fully three-dimensional even when they were being film, de Boer’s work is even more impressive,” writes Brownlee, adding that the digital recreations are “an unobscured look at classic movie architecture that never existed in the first place.”

Images of the recreated sets are available on de Boer’s website.

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