Amazon 3D Printing Store Offers iPhone Cases, Bobble Heads

Amazon launched its 3D Printing Store yesterday, which allows users to customize pre-made designs and order 3D printed products. Printing labs such as 3DLT, Mixee and Sculpteo have partnered with Amazon to include their popular designs. Amazon’s store presently features more than 200 designs for games, home decor, jewelry, tech accessories, toys and more that can be altered by color, size and thickness. Users can also add text, their name and other small touches.

“The store shows you a 360-degree view of your customized product, so you can make sure it’s they way you want it before you actually place your order,” reports Digital Trends.

For now, objects retail from $25 to $100, while the majority cost $30 or less.


“Some of the designs are more customizable than others,” notes DT. “The 3D printed bobble head, for example, gives you the option to change the hair, facial features, outfit, and the colors of everything. It doesn’t let you change the head shape, add a nose, or alter the type of clothing very much.”

“Expanding to a much larger customer base in Amazon isn’t a concern for partnering company Mixee Labs, co-founder Nancy Liang said. She said the company, which produces the customizable bobble heads, was a great fit for Amazon,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

“You can’t sell a personalized mini-bobble head without a way of personalizing,” Liang wrote in an email. “It just so happens that Amazon was interested in launching a personalization widget on their product page, so it was perfect.”

On the electronics page, designs are featured for 3D printing iPhone cases, Nokia Lumia holders, tripod hotshoe adapters, earbud cases and GoPro mounts for scuba masks. Amazon’s store does not yet offer consumers the option to upload their own projects, but this could obviously change if 3D printing becomes more popular.

“3D printing is considered the future of print and manufacturing, and is set to dramatically change the way we buy and produce products in the future,” explains Amazon.

For more information, visit the Amazon 3D Printing Store online.