Will Facebook Event This Week Include a Facebook Phone?

Facebook is scheduled to host an event called “Come See Our New Home On Android” on April 4 at its headquarters in Menlo Park. TechCrunch suggests the event may include the long predicted Facebook Phone. Sources say the event will showcase a modified version of the Android operating system with native Facebook functionality on the home screen. Additionally, it may live on an HTC handset.

“It’s said not to be a full-on rewrite of Android, but rather a ‘flavor’ that will have all sorts of extra Facebook functionality built in,” reports TechCrunch. “We’ve also heard it referred to as an ‘application layer.’ Imagine Facebook’s integration with iOS 6, but on steroids, and built by Facebook itself. It could have a heavy reliance on Facebook’s native apps like Messenger, easy social sharing from anywhere on the phone, and more.”

Rumors are also leading some to guess how the Facebook integration would work. Some say the project will be called “Facebook Home” and the main feature would be a Facebook-focused mobile phone screen to include news feed stories and data across the screen.

But TechCrunch also notes that the announcment might not be the Facebook Phone itself, but instead perhaps a mobile phone heavily integrated with Facebook, “one where everything the user sees is social by design, even if the handset’s innards are made by someone else,” it writes.