Warner Music Group Buys Music Curation Startup Playlists.net

Warner Music Group’s artist and label services company WEA has acquired U.K.-based startup Playlists.net. The startup, which allows users to share, upload, and discover Spotify playlists, will still operate as a standalone company. Because the music charts in the U.K. now take streaming music into account, WEA could use Playlists.net’s platform to promote playlists with their artists or track data that could help predict up-and-coming artists or trends in music.

Playlists.net currently has iOS, Android, and Spotify apps, in addition to a website. The startup was founded in 2009 to give Spotify users a place to share playlists, but now the company has added some music discovery features like a playlist generator operated by The Echo Nest.


Despite its relatively moderate funds, Playlists.net succeeded in the music curation space. Playlists.net has about 1 million monthly users starting 4.5 million “listening sessions” per month. That amounts to about 1 billion Spotify streams per year. The startup is thought to have one of the largest databases of independent Spotify playlists, reports TechCrunch.

WEA could use Playlists.net to promote their artists. They could feature playlists featuring their clients or put their artists on the most popular playlists. Also, curated playlists provide a new opportunity for the company to track data about users’ listening habits. The data could help Playlists.net and advertising partners spot new talent and trends.

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