Vimeo On Demand Gets Exclusive Distribution of New Movie

Actress Kristen Bell may soon become the poster child for a new era of film production and distribution. Following the success of a new “Veronica Mars” project crowdfunded via Kickstarter, which reached its $2 million goal in just 10 hours, Bell’s upcoming indie film “Some Girl(s)” is slated for a June 28 release in theaters and online through Vimeo’s new VOD platform. This could mark another change in the digital distribution of media.

“Neil LaBute’s ‘Some Girl(s)’ follows around a writer, played by Adam Brody, who visits his ex-girlfriends on the eve of his wedding, with one of them being Bell,” reports paidContent. “The movie debuted at SXSW as well, where its production company Leeden Media emphasized, in a press release announcing the move to Vimeo On Demand, that it had turned down traditional distribution offers.”

According to the Vimeo On Demand site, titles can be viewed in full HD via compatible devices including Apple TV, Google TV, smart TVs, Boxee, Roku, Xbox and more. The $199/year Vimeo PRO enables content creators to distribute their projects through Vimeo On Demand.

“The release will be day-and-date in theaters and exclusively on Vimeo On Demand and on the film’s website on June 28,” notes the Leeden Media press release. “This will be the first narrative feature to be released exclusively on Vimeo, which could lead to a significant shift in the ever-changing ‘windows,’ VOD and digital distribution.”

“The opportunity to go straight from artist to audience is the future and Vimeo is offering a fantastic new platform,” suggests producer and partner at Leeden Media Patty West. “We were inspired by Amanda Palmer and Shane Carruth, as well as, of course, one of the stars of our film, Kristen Bell, with her $5.7M Kickstarter campaign. These artists are doing it themselves and going directly to their audience. That’s really exciting for filmmakers.”

“Vimeo’s on-demand platform is one of a growing number of ways for filmmakers to directly sell their wares to consumers, with others including VHX and Chill,” notes paidContent. “The video site’s big advantage is that it already has a built-in audience, as well as apps on a variety of platforms to deliver the movie to mobile and TV screens. And for filmmakers, there’s another interesting incentive: Vimeo only keeps 10 percent of a movie’s revenue.”

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