Pixtr App Uses Facial Recognition to Make You Look Better

Pixtr is a new iPhone app that creates subtle changes to facial features of people in photographs, serving almost like an airbrush tool to manipulate mild imperfections. “It uses facial recognition software to scan the photo and make minor adjustments like slimming a nose or a jawline, trimming eyebrows, correcting camera distortion,” reports Business Insider. “It takes into account things like sex, hair color, age.”

“Pixtr brings out the best in everyone in your photographs,” reads the iTunes Store description. “Everyone in the picture looks their best, not just the ones who were lucky enough to smile just at the right moment.”

“It’s very easy to use,” suggests Business Insider. “Just open the picture on your iPhone and open the app and it does the rest. The changes are very subtle, like airbrushing.”

The post includes a collection of before and after photos. Pixtr has also posted a brief video demo on YouTube.

Those who may be interested can sign up on the Pixtr site for the beta release. An Android version is expected soon.