Snapchat Adds New Tool to Share News from ‘Discover’ Portal

Snapchat is finally letting users share stories with their friends directly from the app’s news portal. Users simply have to hold down a news story, add a comment or some emoji, and then send it to friends just like a regular Snap. The Discover portal has seen viewership drop since it debuted earlier this year, and Snapchat is betting on sharing to attract more loyal viewers. Many other media companies such as BuzzFeed rely heavily on social sharing to drive Web traffic.

Snapchat_LogoPrior to the new tool, Snapchat’s Discover content could only be viewed, and even then, not very many people were watching it. Only one million of the app’s total 100 million users are tuning into CNN’s Discover content, reports Wired. Since the launch of Discover in January, viewership has fallen an average of 30 to 50 percent.

Some of Discover’s contracts with media companies are set to expire in June. This new sharing tool may give Discover the viewership boost it needs to continue those partnerships. The media partners — CNN, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, Vice, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Warner Music, and People — may also have to start tweaking their content to get the views and shares.

Sharing is an integral part of news consumption these days. Friends share links on Facebook and Twitter. News organizations themselves push content through social media. BuzzFeed gets a whopping 75 percent of its traffic from sharing.

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