PC-Only Game with Galactic-Size Ambitions Raises $50 Million

“Star Citizen,” a PC-only game still in development by Cloud Imperium Games, is part space exploration simulator and part first-person action game in a huge universe of planets, space stations, cities and ships. Since the game’s announcement in 2012, the makers of “Star Citizen” have raised almost $50 million through crowdfunding, with 10,000 to 15,000 new people donating every month. In June 2013, it became the first crowdfunded project to raise $10 million.

“Star Citizen” is the brainchild of video game developer Chris Roberts. He started out with ambitious plans for the game, including 50 hours of game play in the single-player campaign, a dynamic economy, and an ongoing conflict with factions. As the funding took off, the game has taken on even more epic proportions.


According to The Verge, with each one million dollars of funding, the game creators added a new feature, such as an entire solar system, a new type off plant, and alien races. “At $50 million, the game will get authentic alien languages,” reports The Verge.

Roberts want this to be a game unlike any other because of its attention to detail. Almost all of the game will be handcrafted, from the vast cityscapes to the toilets in the space ships.

“For me, it’s all about feeling like I’m in the world,” Roberts said. “There’s an attention to detail you need to suspend that disbelief and for me that is the motto of ‘Star Citizen.’ We’re going for that extra level of detail, so there’s a real tactile sense to your environment. It feels like it’s lived in.”

Because of the game’s size and detail, it is not expected to launch until next year. Roberts does not have the same pressure as he would from a publisher or investor to make the game, but he does have pressure from the thousands of fans who donated to help build the game and craft this space world.

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