Motorola Mobility Report: More Video, but Viewers Frustrated

According to Motorola Mobility’s recently released Fourth Annual Media Engagement Barometer, consumers are watching a great deal of video on multiple screens, but are frustrated with the process. Time-shifting technology and mobile devices have led to a significant shift in global media consumption. The Engagement Barometer is an independent global study of video consumption habits among 9,500 consumers in 17 countries.

“The study looks closely at new and emerging content trends, such as multi-screen habits and recording behaviors, which are dramatically shifting the way audiences are consuming video,” explains the Motorola Mobility press release.

The trends reveal consumer frustration in regards to delivery of video content, presenting “a prime opportunity for service providers to deliver content experiences in the new multi-screen environment that are free of traditional boundaries and complexity… the experiences that consumers crave.”

Consumers are watching an average of 25 hours of TV and film content each week. Film viewing has risen by an hour and TV viewing is up from 10 hours in 2011 to 19 hours this year. And while much of that content is still consumed in the home’s living room, the multi-screen experience is now a reality, says the report.

“Consumers want to be able to move content between devices more easily; 76 percent would be interested in a service that automatically loaded content a user liked to their mobile phone or tablet, to enjoy when on the move,” according the report.

John Burke, SVP and GM of Converged Solutions at Motorola Mobility summarizes the study: “This year’s study shows us that consumers take their viewing experiences very seriously. They want to be firmly in control of the way they experience their videos, but they’re frustrated. Increasingly, they’re using tablets and smartphones to view their content, and they expect this experience to transition seamlessly across their favorite programs, whenever and wherever they like. Motorola is enabling this shift through innovation in the cloud, the network and the home. We’re delivering content experiences free of boundaries, complexity and impairment.”

As far as what type of mobile devices inspires the most mobile viewing, tablets are ruling the roost. “In general, tablet users could be described as ‘super users:’ watching more content on their own terms than non-tablet users,” explains the release, adding: “on average, tablet owners watch 6.7 hours of movies a week versus the average of 5.5 of non-tablet owners” and “tablet users are more likely than non-tablet owners to use a service provider’s TV catch-up service (47 percent versus 31 percent). 80 percent of a tablet user’s content is recorded, versus 65 percent.”