McAfee: One in Four Companies Impacted by Cloud Data Theft

As more enterprises move their data to the cloud, cybersecurity firm McAfee reports that 26 percent of companies have already experienced cloud data theft. McAfee released its report — based on polling 1,400 IT professionals during Q4 2017 — ahead of this week’s RSA security conference. “The survey showed that 97 percent of companies use cloud services, either as a public or private cloud or a combination of both, up from 93 percent a year ago,” reports VentureBeat. “Eighty-three percent store sensitive data in the cloud, but only 69 percent trust the public cloud to keep their data secure.”

“About 83 percent of organizations that use the cloud have experienced at least one security incident,” the article adds. “Common issues include lack of data visibility within cloud applications (30 percent), theft from cloud applications by a malicious actor (26 percent), incomplete control over who can access sensitive data (25 percent), and ‘shadow IT’ provisioning cloud applications outside IT visibility (23 percent).”


“This year’s study demonstrates that there are firms ramping up cloud adoption and increasing investment to manage the risks, and conversely a larger number of organizations that are taking a more cautious approach,” said McAfee chief scientist Raj Samani.

The report found that less than 10 percent of companies expect to reduce cloud investment in response to the European Union’s new privacy law. It was also released as McAfee readies the launch of its Cloud Workload Security (CWS) v5.1, slated for the second quarter.

“The new version will be available in the second quarter, and it identifies and secures Docker containers, workloads, and servers in public and private clouds,” notes VentureBeat.