Google Trends Adds Charts Feature for Tracking Searches

Google has announced a new data tracking service for Google Trends that offers information and related charts regarding the most-searched people, locations and assorted topics across more than 40 categories. The Top Charts feature provides those interested with details based on rankings by search interest for topics from movies to cities to sports teams to tourist attractions. The service is updated monthly and goes back to 2004.

“Top Charts is built on the Knowledge Graph, so the data shows interest in real-world things, not just keywords,” according to the Google Blog.

“When you look at a chart of sports teams and you see the Golden State Warriors, those rankings are based on many different related searches, like [gs warriors], [golden state bball] and [warriors basketball],” explains Google. “That way you see which topics are most popular on Google Search, however people search for them. Top Charts provide our most accurate search volume rankings, but no algorithm is perfect, so on rare occasion you may find anomalies in the data.”

Additionally, Google has added a new means of visualizing trending searches as they happen in a colorful display. You can check this out by clicking on “Visualize hot searches in full-screen” located in the left-hand panel of the Google Trends homepage.

“You can customize the layout by clicking the icon in the upper-left corner and expanding it to see as many as 25 searches at a time,” notes the blog. “You can also pick any region currently supported by Hot Searches. Use fullscreen mode in your browser for the biggest, purest eye candy.”