Google Offers Public Preview of Gemini Pro for Cloud Clients

Google is moving its most powerful artificial intelligence model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, into public preview for developers and Google Cloud customers. Gemini 1.5 Pro includes what Google claims is a breakthrough in long context understanding, with the ability to run 1 million tokens of information “opening up new possibilities for enterprises to create, discover and build using AI.” Gemini’s multimodal capabilities allow it to process audio, video, text, code and more, which when combined with long context, “enables enterprises to do things that just weren’t possible with AI before,” according to Google.

An example Google offers in a blog post about AI developments at the company’s Google Cloud Next 2024 event describes how “a gaming company could provide a video analysis of a player’s performance, along with tips to improve. Or an insurance company could combine video, images and text inputs to create an incident report, making the claims process easier.”

A key part of Google’s announcement is “how databases and data are managed with the addition of Gemini in Databases, part of Gemini for Google Cloud,” according to SiliconANGLE, which notes the AI-based assistant “will work with every aspect of database creation and management to simplify everything from migration to application development.”

The database management focuses on “three different interfaces including code development within Database Studio, fleet management with Database Center and assisted migrations with Database Migration Service,” writes SiliconANGLE.

Google announced the Gemini family of models in December, proclaiming 2024 “the year of Gemini.” Now Google has the Gemini large language models (LLMs) to its Vertex AI and machine learning platform, which also gains a new agent builder feature, reports InfoWorld.

Google has also added Gemini to its Looker business intelligence offering. “The infusion of Gemini in Looker will add capabilities such as conversational analytics, report and formula generation, LookML and visualization assistance, and automated Google slide generation to the platform,” InfoWorld says.

The end-to-end AI updates across Google Cloud aims “to help customers achieve ‘AI anywhere’,” ITPro writes, adding that AI choice across Google Cloud’s ecosystem has massively expanded, as the firm casts a wide net and emphasizes open models.”

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