AI-Powered Video Generator Available for Google Workspace

Google Vids is a new AI-powered video creation app for Google Workspace. The aim is to integrate a simple AI video editor with the real-time collaboration capabilities of cloud-based text editors Docs, Sheets and Slides, “allowing people everywhere to tap into immersive storytelling at work.” Vids will be released to Workspace Labs in June. Vids will be able to generate an easy-to-edit storyboard and piece together a first draft, with suggestions from stock footage and stills, as well as background music. “It can also help you land your message with the right voiceover,” according to Google.

Vids will “transform existing assets into creative videos through your browser,” VentureBeat reports.

The Gemini-powered app will sit alongside productivity tools including Docs, Sheets and Slides, operating via a comparably simple interface that makes it possible to collaborate and share projects securely from a browser, Google Workspace GM and VP Aparna Pappu writes in a blog post.

“Google Vids is very much not an app for making beautiful movies,” but is more about “things people do at work: make a pitch, update the team, explain a complicated concept,” writes The Verge.

“When starting a project, you can generate a first draft using one of the templates or the ‘help me create’ feature,” explains VentureBeat, noting that after generating a storyboard “you can then set the video style, the script, and a voiceover — use a preset or your voice, in which case Vids’ recording studio feature includes a teleprompter.”

As part of a big productivity push at Google Cloud Next 2024, the company is fielding two offers to bring AI-powered meetings, messaging and security to organizations for a monthly fee of $10 per user.

In addition, Gemini is coming to Google Chat in preview, summarizing conversations and answering questions. Google says it will make it possible to integrate Vertex AI with Workspace as a platform, extending the reach of internal data and custom AI models and enabling next-generation workflows in Docs, Gmail and other Workspace apps.

Google Vertex is a platform for building and deploying machine learning models that Google has positioned as a “one-stop shop” that ports data to AI-powered applications on Google Cloud.

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