Google Adding Free AI Photo Editing Tools to Google Photos

Beginning May 15, Google Photos users can start accessing a suite of free AI-powered Magic Editor tools like Magic Eraser and Portrait Light. The features will also be accessible on more devices, including Pixel tablets. Last year, Google launched Magic Editor on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones. In addition to making the features available on all Pixel devices, all Google Photos users on Android and iOS will get baseline access to 10 Magic Editor saves per month. Additionally, those with a Pixel device or Premium Google One plan of at least 2TB will have unlimited use.

The generative AI Magic Editor offers quick and easy photo edits that make it possible to do things like repositioning a subject or replacing gray skies with blue. The app debuted as a showcase feature on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

“Those kinds of features typically remain exclusive to new Pixels for six months after launch, and right on time, Google’s bringing it to previous Pixel phones,” reports The Verge, noting that “older features like Photo Unblur and Magic Eraser — which used to be available only to Pixel owners and certain Google One subscribers — will be free for all Photos users.”

“This expansion also includes Google’s Magic Eraser, which removes unwanted items from photos; Photo Unblur, which uses machine learning to sharpen blurry photos; Portrait Light, which lets you change the light source on photos after the fact, and others,” TechCrunch inventories, while TechRadar provides examples of “The Five Best Magic Editor AI Features.”

Google provides a list of all the expanded photo features in a support post, while a blog post explains the tools “will gradually roll out starting May 15 and over the following weeks to all devices that meet minimum requirements.” With phones the defacto cameras for most people, Google is positioning the free AI editing tools as a perk that will bring attention to Google Photos and Pixel hardware.

“The editing tools have historically been a selling point for Google’s high-end devices, the Pixel phones, as well as a draw for Google’s cloud storage subscription product, Google One,” notes TechCrunch. “The growing number of AI-powered editing tools flooding the market” has prompted Google “to make its set of AI photo editing features available to more people for free.”

Using Magic Photo requires “a device with at least a 64-bit chip, 4GB of RAM, and either iOS 15 or Android 8.0,” writes The Verge, which calls the specs “pretty generous,” adding that the cloud-based AI magic “happens off-device anyhow.”

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