Conde Nast and Amazon Join in Print and Digital Magazines

Condé Nast recently announced a collaboration with Amazon where the online retailer will manage the publisher’s print and digital subscriptions. The “All Access” service will be available for Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, WIRED and others. Additional titles will be added later in the year. The partnership will introduce Condé Nast to new Amazon customers, where they can manage their print and digital subscriptions with their Amazon accounts.

“With ‘All Access,’ consumers can use their Amazon account to easily purchase, manage and renew their print and digital magazine subscriptions through Condé Nast and Amazon websites, mobile, direct mail and other marketing channels,” according to the Condé Nast press release.

“The new service also gives consumers immediate access to their digital magazines on the device or platform of their choice, including Kindle Fire, iPad, Android tablets and phones, among others.”

“Combining Condé Nast’s must-have content with Amazon’s 1-Click shopping platform is a huge win,” suggests Bob Sauerberg, president of Condé Nast. “Our influential and loyal customers want to be the first to know, purchase and share, which is why we wanted to be the first to develop a service like ‘All Access’ with Amazon.”

“Customers are increasingly consuming magazine content in both print and digital formats, and ‘All Access’ allows them to subscribe to both in a very easy way, and read content digitally on whatever device or platform they use,” adds Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle content. “Condé Nast is known for creating some of the best content in the media industry, so we’re excited to start this new program with them.”

For Amazon, it is a new step into managing content, other than books and films. The move gives the company an opportunity to offer magazine subscriptions to its more than 200 million customers and cross-sell products to Condé Nast subscribers, notes Reuters.

For now, readers can continue to subscribe through Condé Nast using the paper-based method. Ultimately, the plan is for Amazon to handle all subscriptions, which will be available on mobile devices such as the Kindle Fire, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

“Amazon is taking a cut of the subscription revenue, although both companies declined to provide details,” explains Reuters. “In other arrangements, Amazon typically takes 30 percent.”

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