Cinemark, Spaces Partner for Location-Based VR Experience

On February 8, Cinemark Holdings, in partnership with Spaces, will open VR entertainment centers at its Century 20 Oakridge and XD facility in San Jose, California, located at the Westfield Oakridge Shopping Center. Burbank-based Spaces, which spun out of DreamWorks, opened its first VR experience, based on “Terminator: Salvation,” in Irvine. Spaces offers more sensors and haptic feedback than a home VR experience, with physical features including ramps and motion platforms for a more realistic experience.

VentureBeat reports that, “up to four people can play together in a group,” and that “upon entering Cinemark Spaces, guests will register and then scan their faces using Spaces’ 3D face-scanning technology.” After the experience, players “can receive a cinematic video of their experience that they can take home and share on social media.”

“We love taking entertainment and moviegoing to the next level,” stated Cinemark chief executive Mark Zoradi. Spaces chief executive Shiraz Akmal added that, “guests are the stars of the experiences.”

“We especially love that our experiences are meant to be shared,” he said. “People repeat the experiences with friends and family again and again.”

The VB reviewer “tried out the two-player Terminator experience at Spaces’ headquarters,” in which players join the Resistance:
Inside the VR world, I was in the ruins of an industrial building. Then we were surrounded by mechanical Terminator robots that started shooting at us. The haptic feedback gave me a tactile feeling when I got hit by an enemy. I had to dodge fire and shoot back. I tossed grenades and had to walk around the platform, flip switches, and then survive the swarm of robots that tried to stop us. It was pretty intense, and I left the experience sweating. It’s the way that VR should be, and it’s reminder that having a headset and hand controllers at home isn’t the same kind of experience as what you can do at a dedicated VR location.