CES: Displace Demos First Totally Wireless OLED Flat Screen

Displace is a new wireless TV that promises to take the pain out of mounting a flat screen. Powered by a proprietary hot-swappable battery system, the 55-inch 4K flat screens are under 20 pounds and can be affixed “to any surface” using an active-loop vacuum technology. Transportable and configurable, multiple Displace TVs can be used in combination “to form any sized TV,” according to the startup, which debuted the system at CES 2023. Each Displace TV comes with four rechargeable batteries, each averaging about a month of life for an average usage of six hours per day.

“Displace is effectively creating the next computing platform and the potential applications are limitless,” company founder and CEO Balaji Krishnan said in an announcement. “Displace completely reinvents the television with its hardware and software technologies, and user interfaces that will not only change the way people enjoy entertainment in their homes, but will also advance the entire television industry.”

The 55-inch 4K Displace TVs can be hung throughout a home or combined to form multiple sizes, including “a massive 110-inch television with 16K resolution.” The TVs feature a 4K camera and Wi-Fi 6E. They wirelessly connect to a base unit that is plugged into an electrical outlet and can be kept inside a closet or elsewhere hidden inside a home.

The base unit features an AMD CPU, Nvidia GPU and Wi-Fi 6E. “Displace can do without a power cord is because it doesn’t do very heavy processing onboard. It’s basically streaming media from a base station that comes with the device and performs the rendering,” writes Engadget.

Since each processor box can run multiple TVs (up to 8, according to CNET, which offers a video report), Displace is offering discounts on purchases of more than one set.

Displace TVs are mainly controlled by hand gesture movements, in addition to touch and voice interfaces, making it easy to browse, play and control content. Engadget references “a very ‘Minority Report’-esque gesture that involves ‘grabbing’ the content from one screen and ‘throwing’ it at another one nearby.”

A “thumbs-up” gesture instructs the set to have content follow you, displaying on different sets as you walk around the house. The sets use facial recognition and computer vision technology to help with seamless transitioning between rooms.

As for stability, “Displace demoed the capability of its proprietary mounting system on a fabric-coated wall, as well as a glass window,” reports ZDNet, noting that the mount “readjusts” periodically to ensure solid contact.

At $3,000 per TV, Displace is not cheap. Preorder reservations for 100 units are available for U.S. customers via the Displace website, with sets expected to ship “by late 2023,” says the company.

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