CES 2013: Display Tech Expected to Highlight UHD and Connectivity

Engadget provides an overview of what it expects we’ll see at CES in early January in regards to display technologies. “The list of tech we’re expecting to see (Ultra HD — aka 4K/8K, OLED, connected TV and second screen interaction) is almost an exact mirror of the high-profile launches from last year’s show,” suggests the post. “The good news, however, is that there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that this is the year we’ll actually see the technology become available and/or more useful in our daily lives.”

Engadget cites NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics as an early look at what we can expect in the next decade — including UHD, 3D, and fully connected second screen apps and streaming video on major mobile device platforms.

LG and Sony released 4K consumer displays in late 2012. Other manufacturers are expected to follow suit in 2013 and we should see new specs for compatible devices and more content from the studios.

“While consumer interest in the pixel-dense TVs has yet to be determined, if the prices plunge below $10,000 we’ll at least be presented with the question of whether or not an 84-inch, 3,840 x 2,160 display makes sense for the living room,” explains the post.

TV Everywhere is expected to be more than just a buzzword in 2013 as second screen functionality becomes more prevalent, thanks in large part to the global success of smartphones and tablets. And despite last year’s OLED push not significantly making it past the prototype stage, Engadget remains optimistic that it could become a future challenger alongside LCD and plasma.

Check back in January when the ETCentric team reports live from CES on the hottest technologies including displays.

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