CES 2013: Curved OLED Prototypes on Display in Las Vegas

In addition to flat OLED panels at CES, both Samsung and LG generated attention with prototype 55-inch Curved OLED TVs. According to Samsung, the curved panel provides depth for a more “life-like viewing experience” and an immersive panorama effect not possible with flat panels. The curved screens are said to be ideal for vast landscapes and nature scenes, similar to that of an IMAX experience.

A Samsung spokesperson described what he views as the benefit: “If you are sitting in the sweet spot center position, all points are equidistant from your eye, so there is no distortion on the screen. A round ball stays round as is moves from one side to the other. The real benefit is going to be when you have larger panels and larger sweet spots so everyone can enjoy it.”

The LG unit features a fourth white subpixel for improved brightness.

Pricing was not released for either panel. Samsung’s model is expected to be available possibly in Q4, but more likely in 2014. The LG unit is available for pre-sale in Korea with plans to hit the U.S. later this year.

Related, Sharp featured a technical demonstration of flexible OLED technology, and anticipates numerous uses. “It’s geared toward commercial applications such as digital signage, but we are not limiting what the applications could be,” said Sharp’s Dan Schmidt.

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