Apple Acquires Video Aggregator, Fuels Speculation

Apple has acquired, a Web service that provides users access to videos from various sources. Video aggregation technology has also been appearing in new and upcoming video game consoles. The site has been shut down and customer data deleted, a move that has created speculation on the reason. Some question if Apple will attempt to change the TV experience with the development of a recommendation system or a cloud-based DVR.

Apple announced on Tuesday its acquisition of, a video content aggregator, reports The Wall Street Journal. informs users where video is available on the Internet.

Video content aggregation services have been appearing among other devices. Nintendo has a similar service on its Wii U console, called TVii, while Microsoft’s Xbox One console will include a similar feature, but with voice control.

Apple’s entry into living room home entertainment began with its TV streaming set-top box launched in 2007. Since then, Apple TV has become more popular, with more than seven million sales last year.

The sale of may be unwelcome news for its users, as the company posted on its website that the service has been shut down and all customer data deleted. There are other independent services that used, such as, which informs users which films can be streamed on what service.

Apple still has things to offer television, said Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive. “It’s not an experience that has been brought up to this decade. It’s an area of incredible interest.”

Apple has only confirmed the purchase, but has not provided a reason. There has been some speculation that Apple’s plan is to develop a recommendation system or create a cloud-based DVR, notes TIME.

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