Amazon’s New Kindle Voyage E-Reader a Hit with Reviewers

The Kindle Voyage, the latest e-reader from Amazon, hit stores Monday, and reviewers from numerous publications are saying that this may be the best e-reader yet. The Voyage is the thinnest Kindle yet at only 7.6 millimeters thick. New features that enhance the reading experience include a PagePress function to turn pages, a high-contrast and high-resolution display of 330 pixels per inch, and an adaptive front light. The only drawback for some consumers may be the $199 price tag.

Amazon_Kindle_VoyageThe PagePress function allows readers to turn pages without lifting their fingers. Readers simply press on the touchstrips on the the left- and right-hand bezels of the device to turn the page and a silent haptic buzz will give the reader immediate feedback that their touch was picked up by the sensor.

The PagePress feature, in addition to the thinness and light weight of the device, should make reading with one hand easier.

Electronic text is also easier to look at on the Kindle Voyage. It appears sharper and more contrasted than the text on the Kindle Paperwhite. Wired reports, “The letters almost appear printed on the underside of the glass.” Also, the front light will automatically adjust to the ideal brightness based on the ambient lighting in the room.

All of these new features have made using the Kindle Voyage emulate the experience of reading a real book. “If you look at the new Kindle for any stretch of time, you don’t just forget that you’re reading an e-book; you forget that you’re using any kind of electronic device at all,” according to Farhad Manjoo writing for The New York Times.

The main drawback of the new device is its price. Considering the relatively minor changes, the upgrade to the $199 Amazon Voyage may not be worth it for fans of the $119 Kindle Paperwhite, according to Ars Technica. Other reviewers were also disappointed that the Voyage is not waterproof.

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