Amazon Dash Button Helps Shoppers Conveniently Place Orders

Amazon introduced the Dash Button this week, a Wi-Fi-enabled button that can be attached to surfaces in your home and pushed to order household products rather conveniently. Each button is branded with a unique product logo and linked to the Amazon mobile shopping app so customers can customize their automated orders. Amazon says that the Dash Button is a precursor to its Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which will enable physical goods to automatically restock when supplies are low.  

Amazon_Dash_ButtonAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has secured partnerships with brands including Kraft, Gatorade, Tide, Glad, Gillette and Clorox, among others. When the Dash Button officially rolls out, there will be buttons for each of the brands that Amazon has enlisted as partners.

The buttons, which come with an adhesive strip on the back, can be conveniently placed around the house on surfaces such as pantries, washing machines and refrigerators.

“When the button is clicked, [customers] get a smartphone notification, and [they] can cancel that order within a half hour,” WSJ explains. The button is protected against accidental orders, in case someone decides to push the button more than once. Once the button is pushed, the order is automatically processed and due for delivery within two days.

Ultimately, Amazon hopes to see the day when customers don’t have to worry about pushing a button at all. Amazon is already working with electronics makers to launch its Dash Replenishment Service. Companies such as Whirlpool, for example, are developing products such as a “washer and dryer that anticipate when laundry supplies are running low so they can automatically order more detergent and dryer sheets.” Brita and Quirky are reportedly doing the same with their water filters and coffee makers.

In the meantime however, Amazon will look to use the Dash Button as a tool to collect customer data and determine whether or not the buttons actually work with customers.