vNAB: ETC Cloud Conference Addresses Second Screen and OTT

The Second Screen and Over-the-Top (OTT) are the topics covered in today’s set of new videos released from ETC’s vNAB Cloud Conference. Can traditional, live, linear content distribution models effectively evolve from existing satellite communication networks to pure IP-based cloud-centric transit? Amazon Web Services (AWS) explores answers in its “Shoot the Bird” presentation. In “Managing the New Content Supply Chain,” Worldnow discusses the next evolution of powerful, cost-effective media management and workflows to efficiently reach and monetize audiences on all screens. Vubiquity’s presentation, “Cloud Atlas: A Movie or A Distribution Movement”shows how the cloud enables the transition from classic transactional VOD to Electronic Sell-Through for MVPDs and OTT players alike. The session concludes with HITS/MESA’s panel discussion, “Leveraging Cloud to Build Your OTT Channel,”featuring Akami, Optimity and ContentBridge. vNAB, recorded at YouTube Space LA on March 2, 3 & 4, is an extension of the Media Management in the Cloud Conference scheduled for NAB April 14-15.