Alchemy Virtual Reality Studio Takes Viewers Back In Time

Atlantic Productions, a British production company known for its educational programs, documentaries, and Emmy-award winning visual effects, has just launched a new virtual reality studio to create content for Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus VR technology. Alchemy’s first project is collaborating with Sir David Attenborough, a celebrated naturalist, to take viewers on a journey to meet the creatures that lived about 550 million years ago.

The adventure through time is guided by Attenborough to help viewers feel like they are not alone in this new virtual world. “Rather than viewing a story on the feed, in a sense, the viewer becomes part of the story,” Alchemy VR’s creative director Phil Harper said in TechCrunch.


The company used existing content libraries that the studio developed for some of its other extensive work in 3D imaging, CGI, and 360 videos. Their next VR projects may also build on some of their previous work to create more educational programming. Atlantic Productions has already scanned some of the wonders of the ancient world, and a virtual reality simulation to interact with the Pyramids of Giza may soon be in the works.

Most importantly, virtual reality of the future will need quality content. The people at Alchemy are hoping to be storytellers delivering it.

“We know we can do something which is truly powerful. We’re looking across a number of genres and formats, the possibilities in VR are endless and we have carte blanche to develop them,” Harper said in Wired.

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