Adobe Releases Firefly and Intros Contributor Model Training

Adobe Firefly is out of beta and in release, adding generative AI features to the Creative Cloud suite. The upgrade starts this week with Firefly added to Photoshop and Illustrator. “AI-powered innovation” is also being integrated into Premiere Pro and After Effects, the company says. Creative Cloud paid plans now include the Firefly web application, “a playground for exploring AI-assisted creative expression.” The company is also going wide with Adobe GenStudio for enterprises, and is rolling out a bonus program that pays contributors to Adobe Stock, on which Firefly was trained for model training data.

The general release of Firefly and other Adobe AI features such as Generative Fill indicate “Adobe’s confidence in both the technology and its ability to protect GenStudio and other enterprise customers from legal liability,” writes VentureBeat.

Adobe has been billing Firefly as “the only ‘commercially safe’ generative AI tool available on the market” (though it’s stopped short of offering indemnification, as Microsoft recently did).

“With over two billion images generated during the beta, Adobe Firefly is ushering in a new era of creative expression for customers across every segment,” Adobe Digital Media Business President David Wadhwani said in an announcement, noting that Firefly combined with “our Creative Cloud apps, Express, the Firefly web app and Adobe Experience Cloud, give creators unparalleled opportunities to work with generative AI in new, rich and productive ways.”

“All content generated using a Firefly-powered feature includes Content Credentials — a digital ‘nutrition label’ backed by the Content Authenticity Initiative that attaches attribution metadata and identifies an image as being AI-generated,” writes The Verge, explaining that “the label displays information like the asset’s name, creation date, what tools made it, and any edits made.”

Adobe has become one of 15 companies that pledged to the White House to develop ethical AI.

“Adobe says it’s also developing ways for customers to customize Firefly models with their own assets to generate custom content specific to their brand,” per The Verge. Adobe also unveiled a program to issue annual bonuses to Adobe Stock contributors who allow Adobe to use their submitted work to be used to train AI models.

“The payout will ‘vary by stock contributor,’ depending on how often they contribute stock and how often it is licensed, and will be paid on top of existing stock royalties payments,” The Verge reports, adding that the start date has not been announced.

Pricing for the AI features, detailed here, see all Creative Cloud subscribers receiving 1,000 credits per month with the ability to purchase additional credits.

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