VideoStitch Raises $2.25 Million for Live 360-Degree VR Feed

French startup VideoStitch has the ability to output a live 360-degree feed, using multiple action cameras, making it ideal for virtual reality. The video-stitching solution attracted the attention, and $2.25 million, from Alven Capital. VideoStitch’s software can also be used to output 3D videos as well as a simple stitching solution for video feeds. The software supports any 360-degree camera configuration, is scalable and allows processing across multiple GPUs for real-time results.

A TechCrunch reporter had a chance to try out the company’s demonstrations and deemed himself “particularly impressed by what the company had to offer.”


He saw one demo in which VideoStitch, using three GoPros connected to a computer, stitched together the outputs in real-time, calibrating luminosity and removing artifacts. He experienced the live video feed wearing an Oculus Rift headset, and finally saw a demonstration of using the GoPros to output a 3D feed in real time.

In addition to Alven Capital, Kima Ventures and entrepreneurs Daniel Marhély, Errol Ginsberg and Laurent Asscher have invested in the company.

The Paris-headquartered company, with offices in San Francisco, got its start in 2010 when it created a 360-video for French car manufacturer Renault. According to the company website, most of the videos were shot with three Canon 5D Mark II cameras with a 8mm fisheye lens.

“Stitching them together was a nightmare. We were shooting several hours per day, and at that time, we needed about 1 hour to stitch one minute of video. Developing VideoStitch in order to have a seamless workflow became an obvious mission for us. Our goal is to deliver the fastest, cinematic VR grade 360 2D and 360 3D video stitching professional filmmakers need.”

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