Twilio Helps Developers Integrate Video into Software and Apps

Cloud communications company Twilio provides developers with the tools they need to integrate texting, voice calls, photo messaging, and now videos into their applications. Video capabilities would make it easier to video chat with customer service representatives on service apps, for example, or interact with other players on gaming apps. Twilio’s video service is a more affordable and easier option for developers to incorporate communication functions into a variety of different software.

The new video service is already available in beta for free while the company decides on the price and fixes the bugs. Twilio Video uses the WebRTC standard to establish the video connections, according to TechCrunch. Developers can use the new service to integrate video calls with up to four participants into their apps. The company has worked to make sure that its data centers can ensure low-latency relays.


Jeff Lawson, founder and chief executive of Twilio, hopes to take video chatting beyond just FaceTime with family. “When you have stand-alone products, the usage and innovation can stagnate,” he said. “We expect to see people do all kinds of new things.”

Some of the possibilities include using integrated video chats to show virtual house tours to Airbnb customers or to document car damage for an insurance company.

Twilio has a sizable user base to begin thinking up applications. The company has about 500,000 developers in its network and it serves some major clients. Twilio’s messaging and calling services are on about 1 million applications already.

“Twilio’s customer list, which includes Uber and Coca-Cola, is still relatively small, compared with those served by telecommunications companies like Verizon or Deutsche Telecom,” reports The New York Times. “But Twilio’s service is much cheaper, and it is growing.”

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