New Vonage App Allows International Calls via iTunes

  • Vonage has launched a new app that allows users to make international VoIP calls and pay via iTunes.
  • The new app — dubbed Time to Call — works on iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • If the calls are limited to 15 minutes or less, there is no need for a Vonage account.
  • “Using Time to Call, 15-minute calls to 100 countries range from $0.99 to $1.99,” reports Digital Trends, “although fees for the remaining 90 countries Vonage can reach can be as high as $9.99 for that same 15 minutes — taxes apply to all calls.”
  • “Not only does this service offer tremendous value for international callers dialing from their home countries, it also provides a great solution for international travelers who want to avoid the bill shock associated with international calls and roaming charges when they call back home,” explained Vonage CEO Marc Lefar in a statement.