Google Debuts YouTube Shared Viewing App For iOS Users

Google’s Uptime app, that lets users watch YouTube videos in real time with friends, is now freely available to iOS users following its invite-only limited beta test. The beta, which started in March, was updated a few times, adding the ability to play and share music videos, as well as connect to Facebook to find friends to watch videos with. Users can also chat, leave comments and place emoji on top of the video. A replay of a shared video will include the ability to see comments at the time in the video they were made. Continue reading Google Debuts YouTube Shared Viewing App For iOS Users

Tumblr Explores a New Direction with Video Chat App Cabana

In a first for Yahoo-owned Tumblr, the blogging platform is launching a group video chat app it has named Cabana. The new app — available now on iOS and coming to Android next month — enables video chat for up to six users who can also stream YouTube video content while chatting. Blogging remains the company’s primary focus, but Cabana represents the first communication app it has developed. Tumblr is “not pivoting, but definitely exploring a new direction here,” said founder/CEO David Karp. “The idea is similar to Houseparty, the app from the company behind former live-streaming darling Meerkat,” notes Recode, and “similar to Airtime, Sean Parker’s chat startup that was revived a year ago.” Continue reading Tumblr Explores a New Direction with Video Chat App Cabana

API Marketplace: Cabana Exchange Helps Make Feature-Rich Web Apps

  • DIY HTML5 mobile apps anyone? Take a look at the video on ReadWriteWeb to see how quickly it can be done using Cabana.
  • LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman, speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit, suggested that the next stage of the Web will involve creating apps and mobile UIs on top of our existing collective data.
  • “Some people believe that a big part of that could come in the form of technology platforms that anyone can use to create those apps and UIs,” reports ReadWriteWeb.
  • Mobile Web app creation platform Cabana now offers the Cabana Exchange API marketplace for app builders to add third party data and functionality.
  • The post cites partners such as SimpleGeo for location data, and API service Mashery whose exchange will include APIs from Klout for social rankings, Qwerly for profile discovery, FanFeeder for sports statistics, Rotten Tomatoes for movie ratings, and for contact info.