Social Influencer Makes More Than $500K a Year via Twitter

Kris Sanchez, one of the top 100 influencers on Twitter, makes $500,000 a year from sponsored links alone. Social Reactor, a company that matches social influencers like Sanchez with advertisers, supplies galleries and sites that Sanchez links to in his tweets. With this model, he is paid per click that those pages receive. Branded deals with companies such as Ford and Paramount have been very lucrative for the 23-year old. He also makes money through mobile apps.

“The iOS app, which has been downloaded 1.5 million times, is estimated to generate $60,000 a week from advertising, though that has not yet been implemented,” reports Fast Company.

twitter54Sanchez’s UberFacts, which focuses on unimportant yet unbelievable facts (many of which he culls from BuzzFeed, Reddit and Digg), is more than just an oddball idea.

“Kris only had 200,000 followers when we first met. And in just a matter of a few years, he’s grown that to seven million,” says ChaCha CEO Scott Jones (ChaCha is the owner of Social Reactor). “The real trick he pulled off is, he’s tweeting at the right times, and tweeting stuff that resonates. He pays attention to the engagement level of his audience, and he tweets more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that doesn’t work.”

Sanchez has gained over seven million followers since 2009, when he launched the UberFacts account.

According to Jones, Sanchez is currently on the high end of the pay scale “partially because he has a big follower base, but more importantly, his audience is highly engaged. They stay for an average of more than 14 page views a visit. So if it’s a gallery of 10 images, they’re going to look at the 10 and then four (pages) of something else.”

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