Snapchat Adds ‘Our Campus Story’ Exclusively for Colleges

Snapchat’s popular “Our Story” montages from live events around the world are so popular that the company is adding a similar feature to share students’ college experiences. The “Our Campus Story” feature only allows people on campus to post and view the communal story. Like with “Our Story,” Snapchat will still approve all of the posts before they get added to the mix. The new feature launched last week at UCLA, the University of Southern California, Penn State, and UT Austin.

SnapchatStories have become an increasingly integral part of Snapchat. The company added the ability to create a compilation of snaps last year, and now one billion stories are viewed per day. That makes them more popular than the snaps that launched the company. “Some users, like entertainer Jerome Jarre, receive tens of thousands of Story views in a matter of minutes,” reports The Verge.

Snapchat is already one of the most popular platforms for young people, and the new feature aimed at college students may be part of the strategy to keep that momentum going. Facebook did the same thing by utilizing social college students to charge its popularity.

In the future, Snapchat may be able to use its young audience to charge a premium for advertisers who want to place an ad in one of those communal stories.

“Our Campus Story” focuses on the experiences of one community, so it may eventually become a source of local news. The platform is optimal for citizen journalism. However, the company has already passed on an opportunity for citizen journalism in the Hong Kong protests by deciding not to do an “Our Story” there.

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