Samsung Sets High Goals for Future of Tizen-Powered TVs

Samsung has ambitious plans for its Tizen operating system, which the South Korean manufacturer is promoting as an alternative to Google’s Android. After launching an affordable mobile phone powered by Tizen in India, Samsung’s next goal is to equip half of all its TV sets with the Tizen operating system this year. At CES this month, Samsung said it aims to sell 60 millions TVs in 2015, 30 million of which would be powered by Tizen. The company hopes that by 2017, all of its Internet-connected TVs will be Tizen-enabled sets.

“If Samsung does roll out that many Tizen-enabled TVs, the scale will be far bigger — proportionally — than what the company has in mind for Tizen phones,” reports The Wall Street Journal.


“Samsung executives have said the company’s broad strategy of addressing customers in various price points — from high-end to low-end — will remain unchanged when bringing Internet-connectivity to TVs, meaning the Tizen platform will eventually be retooled as needed to address various TV models.”

Samsung recently launched an affordable Tizen smartphone — the sub-$100 Samsung Z1 — in India, after failed attempts to release the phone in France, Japan and Russia. The company has also launched cameras and smartwatches powered by Tizen. However, launching a phone has been challenging due to lack of support from carriers and app developers.

The company does not face the same problem with TVs. “Samsung doesn’t have to worry about souring its relationship with Google, which has long been a key platform partner for its Galaxy lineup of smartphones but no so much for TVs,” WSJ adds.

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