Recharge Yourself and Your Phone at Duracell Charging Station

Duracell demonstrated its Powermat technology at CES this week by installing wireless charging stations at Starbucks in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Although most attendees don’t have the necessary Powermat case to charge their smartphone without a wire, Duracell loaned out charging receivers to people in need of power. These charging receivers fit into a Micro-USB port, Apple 30-pin, and Lightning, and work easily by placing the charging receiver on the Powermat.

According to CNET, Duracell Powermat CEO Ron Rabinowitz is hoping to roll out a plan nationwide soon, but is waiting for Starbucks to give the project a green light. They are currently testing the Powermat at pilot stores in Boston and San Jose, California.

Duracell is also unsure of how to distribute the receivers compatible with Powermats. These receivers can either come as a plug-in, or as a cell phone case. Rabinowitz stated that people will be able to buy them for no more than $10.

Duracell is also hoping to pair up with Starbucks, and create models of receivers that can be sold in Starbucks stores. Since many people are reliant on their smartphones and feel adrift when they lose battery power, this could mark a significant deal for both companies.