OrCam Unveils Discrete Digital Assistant for AR Applications

Israel-based technology company OrCam is introducing its compelling take on augmented reality at this year’s CES. The company’s device is similar to Google Glass, but the hardware is more discrete and does not save images or audio, which could help alleviate privacy concerns. The MyMe digital assistant is designed to give the user advice based on the world around them. The assistant speaks through a Bluetooth earpiece and the tiny camera clips to a shirt. All of the data processing is done in real time.

MyMe is designed to provide an “augmented attention” experience. The digital assistant will be able to help the wearer analyze facial expressions or record their eating habits. MyMe could also generate a word cloud from a conversation and the user could refer back to it later to gain more insight about the person or topic, according to The New York Times.


OrCam is going in a different direction than the Google Glass device. Unlike Glass, OrCam’s digital assistant will not save any images or sounds. Instead, the device processes these elements in real time to help reduce the privacy concerns surrounding augmented reality. The unobtrusive hardware should also help reduce the stigma against users.

“OrCam was co-founded by Amnon Shashua, a computer scientist who also founded Mobileye, a maker of intelligent automotive cameras,” notes NYT. “Dr. Shashua plans to introduce the MyMe technology at the CES show and soon after offer it as a development system to encourage independent software designers to develop applications using the basic technologies.”

The device is expected to launch in the fall of this year.

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