Lets Anyone Share Data from Smart Devices

As the Internet of Things grows, the creators of believe that the public could benefit from sharing data from the many sensors that collect information around the world. OpenSensors is like a social network, where people can publish their data and subscribe to other people’s data. The software brings all of the info together, making it easier to route it to the appropriate locations. The open source nature of the data means anyone could use it for their own research or app.

connections214OpenSensors essentially enables people to share their data from any Internet-connected sensor. Then, everyone from developers to journalists could use the data for their own projects. Yodi Stanton, co-founder of OpenSensors, believes it is important to maintain a huge collection of open information.

“We believe that public data should be shared,” Stanton said, “especially public data that has been paid for by governments and applies to many people. So what we want to do is give the use of data.”

There is a wide range of possibilities for OpenSensors, from individuals sharing details regarding their energy consumption to Oxford Flood Network sharing information on the water levels of rivers. The company is currently working with 12 cities in the U.K. to publish parking data in real time, according to Wired.

The startup makes money by charging people to open a private account, which comes with custom sensor networks. Otherwise, by default, the data from these Internet of Things devices is broadcast to the entire world.