New Shyp Service Reimagines How We Package and Ship Items

San Francisco-based startup Shyp — “the easiest way to ship anything” — is aiming to simplify the shipping process. Rather than packaging an item and finding the cheapest company to ship with, the user simply takes a picture of the item to be shipped and adds the address. Within 20 minutes, a Shyp courier arrives to pick up the item and hands it off for another person to do the work. The app is meant to be a cheap and efficient way to ship items without doing any work.

Shyp CEO Kevin Gibbon believes that people choose to use Craigslist for face-to-face selling because shipping is a nuisance.


“Gibbon describes his company as a kind of Kayak — the travel site that finds the best prices on plane tickets — but for shipping, and with a big dollop of Uber thrown in,” reports Wired.

When the item arrives at the warehouse, Shyp not only measures, weighs, and boxes the item, but it also finds the cheapest rate of delivery to the destination.

“In the tradition of San Francisco tech startups becoming one another’s customers, [Gibbon] says many small operations are using Shyp in lieu of a shipping department,” explains Wired. “That allows them to outsource not only the labor of packing and shipping, but also the expertise.”

The customer pays the cheapest retail price — which is still more expensive than the price Shyp pays — and Shyp profits from the difference. Shyp also charges a $5 fee for the extra services, which reportedly goes to the couriers.

While Shyp currently only runs in San Francisco, the company has plans to expand to New York in October.